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Thela Media Group is a consortium of intensely creative individuals from across the country, each an expert in their field, brought together in one group to accomplish any promotional need for any level of company. With virtually no internal overhead the cost of our services are incredibly affordable.

Unlike most companies, we don’t have standardized marketing fees. We don’t work in pre-determined “packages” and we don’t have a set hourly rate.

100% US-based Talent

Dedicated Account Managers

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Fractional Teams Minimize Staffing

Right Time, Wrong Place

Connecting with clients is more intricate than posting your message anywhere and everywhere you possibly can. With some strategic planning, you can introduce your company to the right person, at the right time, in the most ideal way.

Define The Curve

In modern society, staying up to speed with other companies can seem difficult, and social media, search engine results and interactive website content control how people perceive a brand. With a little dedication and us on your side, we can grow your business organically and boost your competitive edge.

The Details Matter

Marketing is, quite simply, the ability to move a person to action with your message. When it comes to connecting with your clients, every little detail has the utmost importance.

Start Showing Off

You've worked hard to get to where you are. Now its time to be seen. Sometimes a video or some new photos can provide just the edge you need to boost your clientele. In fact, surveys show that interactive marketing plans can create a significant uptick in marketing ROI.

What People Think About Us:

"I would highly recommend Thela Media Group to any company that expects a fast turnaround on a project without sacrificing quality. 
We use Thela Media Group as our sole vendor whenever it comes to marketing and branding materials for our various companies. During the many years we have been doing business with them, we have never been disappointed in their work. Their customer service is exceptional, which is hard to find these days."  - Shawn
"Thela Media Group’s reputation management system has helped us catch 100% of the actionable feedback that ends up online instead of in our team’s hands. They’ve never missed a thing, work 24/7, and have increased our response velocity to just under the speed of light! "   - Mandy
"Our clientele expects nothing but the best, and Thela Media Group has consistently provided stunning work to help us grow and engage our demographic.  Their work is second to none in the industry and their team is top notch.  - Sarah
The work of Thela Media Group has been invaluable to help us fully launch and establish our brand in the industry.  The prestigious clients that we now have the honor of working with would never have been on our radar without this team's hard work and valuable insights.  I can't recommend them enough!   - James

Here's how it works:

We have teamed with award-winning experts from a wide range of disciplines including brand strategy, website design, mobile development, social media, photography, graphic arts, television, audio, music and the state-of-the-art aerial videography, just to name a few. 

Creative people with intuitive and time-sculpted knowledge that can take the load of marketing off of your shoulders so you can do what you really want to do... run your business.

Powerful Marketing

Did you know that you can power your business with a fractional marketing team at a substantial cost savings over hiring in-house?  Most small to mid-sized businesses greatly benefit from a partner who fully understand how to position them for in the market.  No HR, no waiting, no interviews.  Just success. 

Social Media Management

PPC / PPI Campaigns

Digital and Print Advertisement

Lead Generation

Kickstarter / Indiegogo Campaigns

Consumer Direct Marketing

National / Local PR

Popular Design

We know the value of a good marketing piece, and we have crafted thousands of them.  Regardless of whether your selling houses, brokering multi-million dollar investments, running retail, medical clinics or an auto shop, we have everything you need to impress your customers. 

SEO-Optimized Website Design

Custom Logo Design

Brand Image Development

Project Marketing Packages

Digital Advertisement Creation

Highly Custom Graphic Design

Stunning Visuals

Our production team of highly skilled cinematographers, photographers, 3D artists, sound engineers and more are ready to help you make your next stand-out piece!

Turnkey Marketing Videos

Turnkey Commercial Photography

Retouching and Color Grading

3D Rendering

Strong SEO

Let's be honest, staying up to date with SEO trends is beyond tedious.  Our copywriters, bloggers, social media experts and SEO gurus help businesses like yours do more of what you love while we take care of the rest. 

Online Reputation Management

Content Creation


Social Asset Management

Audits and SERP Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Business Listing Distribution

A Few Companies Who Trust Us:

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